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~ Glorius Revolution ~

梟 『Fukurô』 ヾ(´ε`*)
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Everybody knows me like Fukurô (or Terra), seventeen years (but I look like a 20-years-old girl) and mexican, actuallity I'm living in Texas, USA. I don't still speak english very well but I like to practice it, also I speak spanish, of course and little german. I love the Asian & European cultures, history, learn new languages and I can't live without caffeine and MUSIC, especially JRock & Indie

No Regret Life Mo'some Tonebender Under The Counter
Vola & The Oriental Machine Syrup16g つばき (Tsubaki)

My livejournal's name is 立ち向かう (Tachimukau) with no specific reasons. It's FRIENDS ONLY because I like my privacy, but don't worry, if you would like to be a friend, you should ask me HERE and I'll add you

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